Hate has no place in art.

Everything has a beginning, and all forms of art are a creative process. Every single piece that we create is made to the best of our ability the day that it is released. As we learn and grow we make an improvement which is what art is all about.

These self-righteous, self-appointed kings that claim they are artists are really just jealous haters. It is shameful that we must post something like this here. We will not tolerate hate in any form. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it but there is no need to belittle another artist work to inflate your own ego.

We are pretty sure Adam Savage gave his all to creating his very first Blade Runner blaster even though it wasn’t screen accurate at the time. He improved and he grew as all real artists do.

We are a group of dedicated artists that stand behind our work 100%.

We have sold hundreds of pieces through our sites and received hundreds of 5 star ratings with 100% positive feedback. This is a testament to our high quality standards.

The fact that the admins of these groups allow this type of behavior does a disservice to all the creative community, artists, sculptors, makers and cosplayers alike.

A small sample of what our customers think.

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Excellent replica, very pleased with my order.

5 Star Review, Etsy.
This bottle is STUNNING. The quality and attention to detail is amazing, and I couldn't be more pleased! Every detail is screen accurate and flawlessly applied. SUPER happy with this purchase. Will enjoy it for years to come.

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The Snake pit matchbooks are fantastic! Great quality.
Seller ships fast and I highly recommend.
Thank you!

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Amazing and professional product. Well finished and quick delivery. Thanks !!!

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One of the best BR prop rep makers out there. Recommended seller!

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Nice item, very fast shipping...thanks again...

Positive Review, Ebay
Happy great product. Thank you

We have hundreds of positive reviews and happy customers.

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