Blade Runner: 2049 Sapper's Medical Kit, Vintage Eye Glasses, Scalpel Replica and photo on Calantha

This listing is for the Colonial Medical bag that Sapper Morton was wearing in the beginning of the film. It includes genuine antique gold fill eyeglasses from the 1800's with eyeglass holder, custom painted scalpel replica, led lighted military issue tweezers, various bandages, a medical vile containing shrapnel, a Polaroid photo of Sapper in his military gear on Calantha, and futuristic currency that he might need in an emergency. These items are highly detailed replica's that are screen matched to size. Each one is hand made and painted to look realistic and aged. The dust and rust on Sapper's Med kit is a mixture of paint, chalk and fuller's earth used in film and TV.

There are 20 items total in this listing.

If you are a Blade Runner fan, you'll want to add this unique item to your collection so you can have a piece of replicant Sapper Morton's history.