Our Prototypes and New Stuff Coming Soon

A prototype is something that serves as a model or inspiration for those that come later. By definition, it is a work in progress. 

This prototype is of K's eye scanner, we've been working on this model for some time, trying to match the wiring and electronics screen size etc. In a later version we will focus more on how things fit together and then exterior finishes with screws and paint.

This first model is not wired for electronics, it only appears that way. We have been trying to decide if we can work out a basic low, med and high option. For example the low, would be a static piece just like the prototype you see here. The medium, would probably have minimal electronics with lights etc. The high, would be functional pop up scanner with a micro ultraviolet led that works with our bloody eyeball, so you can see Sapper's Serial ID Number. And yes, we've seen the video screen version from Fused Creations which is beautiful. We don't have the skill or funds to make this happen.

We'll see how this goes after we get the first couple of versions done to satisfaction.

Tyrell's eyeglasses. This one is somewhat of a holy grail for many BR fans. There has been much work on this prop over the past 37 years, Gary Willhoughby has done a tremendous amount of research. We've been at it for about 1 year. This version you see here is prototype number 7. Yes, we know it's not exact and that is exactly the point of prototypes. It takes time to figure out the minutia of any prop because you are essentially reverse engineering it.

We've had issues with adhesion utilizing different types of glues and different methods of metal soldering etc... All of these things have to be worked out to reach the goal. 

In the end we may settle for as close as we can get because it is either too expensive to reproduce small batches or too costly to purchase the equipment needed to make them 100% screen accurate. This piece has already changed with 3 more versions after this which we can't show yet. 

Yes, Leon's gun, the infamous COP .357. It has been made and remade dozens of time. We have tested several pieces and nothing really stands out from the crowd.

These 3d prints are in the early prototype phase. We are still working on fit and finish, to get the best possible outcome.

We are working on several options from 3d prints to resin casting and even a pewter option. Stick around for updates on this one, because we are making progress but not at top speed. These are just 3 examples of the multiple projects we are prototyping at the current time.

Happy prop hunting.