Blade Runner Leon's Precious Photos, Yukon Hotel Room Key and Business Card

This listing is for hand made prop replicas from the original award winning film Blade Runner. Leon's infamous precious photos that Deckard uses as evidence to ID Nexus 6 Replicant Zhora. Incept date: 12 June, 2016 ID: N6FAB61216. 

This listing includes a professionally made business card from the Yukon Hotel. Leon's antique skeleton key with brass ring and room number for his flat at the Yukon Hotel. There is also a key card attached to the key ring with magnetic strip.

The 8 photos were recreated using professional quality 4k imagery, printed using high quality card stock with a matte finish on the photos except for the the photo Deckard uses in the Esper Machine to zoom into. That photo is all black and gloss coated on both sides just like screen matched version. Everything has been made as screen accurate as possible and aged as if in use. There are 10 items total included in this auction. Leon's Blaster is "NOT" included and only used for visual effect.

Look at the last few images in this listing to see screen shots from the movie. If you are a Blade Runner fan, you will want this for your collection.