Pale Fire Vladimir Nabokov Reproduction Book (re-print) Blade Runner: 2049

It's amazing what you can find at flea markets in New York City, I bought an old lot of these books from a book dealer thinking that it was an original, and it is not. This is a paperback copy of Vladimir Nabokov's Pale Fire book, but it is not the 1980 version that the cover indicates. Inside the book, it is printed as sixteenth printing in 1984. Therefore the interior of this book does not match the cover. It is either a re-print of the 1980 version, or a reproduction. It's still a book and you can read it either way, but it is NOT the 1980 collector version based on the cover.

This book is in good condition. There are a few small creases and scratches on the cover and some scuffing around the edges of the front and back cover. The outside pages have a little wear and slight discoloration and a little soiling, but overall good shape. The cover is still shiny and the spine is not broken. Please look at the pictures carefully so there is no mistake. My first listing of this was incorrect, and I want to be clear what you are purchasing. This is NOT a decal or sticker on a newer version of this book. This book was printed professionally and it is not hand made from what I can tell. I do my best to photograph everything as accurately as possible, but because of monitor settings etc... the color might vary slightly