Blade Runner: 2049 Deckard's Chinese Warriors

This is a pair of replica's of two Chinese warriors. The original props can be seen in the film in Deckard's lair inside the old Las Vegas Casino. These clay warrior statue's are smaller than the screen matched pieces in the film. Based on where the come up to Deckard's knee, they would roughly be around 18 inches tall. That is quite a large statue and we know that most collectors have space constraints for such things that is why we made these smaller versions for your collection.

Each piece is approx 6 inches in height which would be about 1/3 rd the size of the movie props. That's good news for most prop collectors because you will have room for more things. Each piece is hand sculpted out of kiln fired pottery clay with a slight glaze applied. They are hand painted and aged to match.

Look at the images below to see screen shots from the movie.

For those dedicated collectors that want original size authenticity, we'll be making a one to one sized warrior in the near future. If you are interested in purchasing these now, you can find them here.