Blade Runner: 2049 Joi's Emanator Transmitter and Mariette's Tracking Device

This listing is for two prop replicas from the academy award winning film Blade Runner: 2049. The items are Joi's Emanator Transmitter that Officer K breaks in half to free Joi from being tracked. 

The Transmitter is 3D printed in ABS Plastic, hand laminated in resin, hand painted and weathered. The second item is a small replicant tracking device that was slipped into K's pocket by Mariette after the sex scene. The tracking device is billet aluminum, with two small non working LED lights.

There are a total of 2 items in this listing, the Emanator Transmitter and Mariette's replicant tracking device.

Disclaimer: Every piece is handmade and will therefore have variations in shape and size; we do our best to match every single item to an original prototype and we maintain strict quality control so every single item has the highest possible quality. We also do our best to take accurate photos, but actual colors may vary slightly due to different screen settings.