Blade Runner: 2049 Officer K LAPD Peugeot Spinner Car Key and Cash

This fantasy listing is for a prop replica from the academy award winning film Blade Runner: 2049. The item is Officer K's LAPD issued spinner car key on a custom made Peugeot key ring and 6 random futuristic currency bills. The car key and key holder are custom made out of steel and alloy metal, no plastic parts. The LAPD Logo and Officer K's spinner license plate number on the key, are hand made and laminated. They are weathered to resemble what Officer K might carry in his pocket after months of use.

The Currency is both real and custom made bills of varying size, shape and color professionally printed on fine linen paper. Each bill has unique markings that might be suitable in the Blade Runner universe and currently fit nicely into officer K's wallet. Hey, I guys gotta eat, even if he is a replicant.

There are a total of 7 items in this listing, the Peugeot key ring with Officer K's LAPD Issued key for his spinner and 6 random bills of varying size shape and color that might be used as currency on and off world in 2049. 

The LAPD Blaster, Wallet and contents along with the light up Emanator are NOT included and only used for visual effect.

Look at the last few images in this listing to see screen shots from the movie. If you are a Blade Runner collector, you want this for your collection as another option to display with your wallet, badge and blaster.