Blade Runner: Deckard's Ammo Box and Blaster Bullets

This listing is for handmade prop replicas from the original award winning film Blade Runner, 1982. Deckard enters J.F. Sebastian’s apartment and genetic design lab hunting for Roy Batty, the leader of the off world Replicants. The apartment is dark, deteriorating and vast. The first shot fired is an explosive round, but it misses its target.

This is one of several prototype ammo boxes with 5 replica bullets for hunting Replicants. The production boxes will vary slightly with different writing, and decals. The box is an all wood construction with a sliding lid. It has a hard plastic insert to hold each round. 

Each round is hand crafted from inert .44 Special, brass casings with an amber resin bullet except for one anodized red bullet for the explosive round that Deckard uses to hunt Roy Batty. The bullets are prop replicas only and cannot be made to fire anything

The prototypes we make are exactly that, one off's, we use them to work out a limited run and find ways to make improvements. So the finished production models will look a little cleaner and sharper when they are finished, but still just as interesting.

The Blaster, whiskey glass, and whiskey bottle are "NOT" included and only used for visual effect.

Look at the last few images in this listing to see screen shots from the movie. If you are a Blade Runner fan, you will need this for your collection. Check our other listings to see if you need something else for your collection.

Disclaimer: Every piece is handmade and will therefore have variations in shape and size; we do our best to match every single item to an original prototype and we maintain strict quality control so every single item has the highest possible quality. We also do our best to take accurate photos, but actual colors may vary slightly due to different screen settings. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you