Kyriazi Frères Neptune Cigarette Tin Blade Runner: 2049 Reproduction

This is a prop replica from the academy award winning film Blade Runner: 2049. This auction is for an LAPD evidence bag, a small reproduction Kyriazi Cigarette tin that are made in Cairo Egypt, using an early 1900's genuine cigarette tin of a different brand. The rust you see inside is real, the tin metal is almost 100 years old. These are amazing, but they are not the original Kyriazi Frères Neptune Cigarette Tins that are selling for exorbitant amounts of money.

This tin is a hand made one of a kind reproduction of the highest quality. It is very similar to the screen used version in Blade Runner 2049 that was found on Sapper's farm in the film. The LAPD evidence bag is professionally screen printed and is screen accurate at 25.4 cm height and 15.24 cm width.

The cigarette tin prop is hand painted to screen match the one in the film. Overall, it is an excellent alternative to add to your collection compared to the latest sale of this rare tin on ebay. In addition to the LAPD Evidence bag and Cigarette Tin, the photo and infant sock are also included. The photo is also as screen accurate as possible printed on matte photo paper with an inscription on the back just as in the movie, 6-10-21.