Blade Runner: 2049 Kyriazi Frères Neptune Cigarette Tin, Photo and Baby Sock


Most collectors know that there are deep layers of real world props on both Blade Runner films. We also know that we would prefer to own a real prop or vintage prop than a replica. But, sometimes these things are hard to find because they are discontinued, limited production or just plain impossible to locate. Similarly this is the story of the Kyriazi Frères Cigarette Tin. You can still find them out there, but most are quite collectible and can be pricey.

Here is the interesting back story about the little cigarette tin that was found in Sapper Morton's piano on his protein farm.

Kyriazi Frères Cigarette Tin (Egypt), Early 20th Century. The Kyriazi Brothers were two Greeks who started a tobacco business in Smyrna (now Izmir), but were forced out because of the tobacco monopoly enforced by the Ottoman Empire. They then established a company in Cairo in 1873 and in 1897 they built a factory in the Tewfikieh district (mentioned on the tin) where they employed over 500 workers!

The company became very successful and was known for several cigarette brands, one of which was this tin. In 1901 the company exported more than 100 million cigarettes! Egyptian cigarettes were a luxury item and other companies (such as the American Camel) emulated the ‘Middle Eastern look’ by using camels, pyramids etc. in their advertising. After WWI American and European tastes changed and Virginia tobacco became popular and that also meant decline for the Egyptian tobacco industry. You can find more about that here.

We've worked to get a very screen accurate version. It is the correct size, material and includes all of the dings, scratches, dirt and grime of the original. The photo has been faithfully reproduced from 4k still images, printed on photo paper, features rounded, black edges. The sock has been screen matched and aged to look like the film version.

The plan is to do a limited test run to see what the reaction is, starting with the prototype. Check our shop for release date. Look at the last two photos here to see screen shots from the film.