Blade Runner Evidence Bag with replica of Roy Batty's nail removed from his hand

What happened to Nexus 6 Replicant Combat Model Roy Batty's Nail that was lodged in his hand? We believe Roy was taken to the LAPD morgue and the nail was removed during autopsy. This antique rose head nail that was recovered from Roy's body was deposited into a Biohazard containment vial and stored in his evidence locker for many years. We finally have it.

This is a hand made one of a kind prop replica of a Blade Runner LAPD evidence bag carrying a containment vial with Roy Batty's antique rose head nail that was found in his hand when he expired, not retired. The LAPD evidence bag is professionally made and is 25.4 cm height and 15.24 cm width. The nail itself is a genuine, vintage Rose Head nail that is hand painted to look like blood in an artificial Biohazard containment vial. There is no liquid or real blood in this vial this is a prop replica only.