The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene Reproduction Book, Blade Runner: 2049

This is a rare paperback copy of Graham Greene's The Power and The Glory book, but I can't find this version anywhere with this cover. Inside the book, it is printed as a First printing of this version in 1990. Therefore the interior of this book does not match the cover. It is either a re-print of the 1977 version, or a reproduction. It's still a book and you can read it either way, but it is NOT the 1990 version based on this cover.

As a side note I did find some writing on the back cover near the bottom (see photos) that states: " For Copyright reasons this copy is not for sale in the United States. " So maybe it was never for sale. It is possible that it was a promotional copy that was never meant to make it into the mainstream. This is just an idea, I have no real way of proving this so I am selling this book as a reproduction.

This book is in good condition. There are a few small creases and scratches on the cover and some scuffing around the edges of the front and back cover. The outside pages have a little wear and slight discoloration and a little soiling, but overall good shape. The cover is still shiny and the spine is not broken. Please look at the pictures carefully so there is no mistake, I want you to be clear what you are purchasing. This is NOT a decal or sticker on a newer version of this book. This book was printed professionally and it is not hand made from what I can tell. I do my best to photograph everything as accurately as possible but because of monitor settings etc... the color might vary a little.