Bibi's Bar Billboard!

It's raining in downtown Los Angeles in 2049. Imagine this billboard on top of a building in the smog filled city. You're flying over it in your Spinner looking for a parking spot on the roof. This is a Blade Runner inspired art piece that lights up when plugged in to a wall outlet. It is completely hand made and fabricated from scratch. This piece is hand painted and aged. There are a variety of decals and hand painted elements covering the piece.

This Bib's Bar Billboard prop replica was created the same way the studios make props for Sci-Fi films. It is fabricated similarly to the kit-bashed spaceships from the past.

This piece is a one of a kind art project. We are just putting the final touches on it now and it will be available at the etsy shop early next week. This item ships Internationally. The dimensions are approximately: Height 12.5 inches (317.5 mm) x Width 10 inches (254 mm) Depth 10 inches (254 mm). 

This is not battery operated, but uses standard 110 v (US) power outlet. It comes complete with a cord and switch on the back. There will be a small instruction booklet with it, but it's pretty straight forward. All of the various wires on the outside are part of the illusion, there is no risk of electric shock.