Blade Runner Prop Replica Mystery Vodka Bottle

This listing is for a prop replica from the academy award winning film Blade Runner. This is a rare, mystery vodka bottle that can be seen multiple times throughout the movie. This is a hard to find vintage glass bottle (approx 12 in. H without the cork) includes professionally made labels, neck ribbon, good luck coin seal and cork. If you are a blade runner fan you already know about this bottle. This is handmade as screen accurate as possible. 

Only the bottle just as you see it in the photos is included in this listing. The additional bottles, jars, containers, cannisters and glass are "NOT" included, and only used for visual effect. The colored lighting is not included and only used for visual effect. We try to make the photos as color accurate as possible, but this may very from monitor to monitor.

Excited to share the latest addition to my Blade Runner Prop Replica Mystery Vodka Bottle.

You can see a glimpse of it when Deckard uses the Esper Machine to zoom into Leon's photo as well as multiple places in the film. 

The bottle is empty and does not contain alcohol!