Luv's Switchblade

We'vee been working on Luv's switchblade knife for months. We've finally perfected it to a point that we are able to do a small run of these little wonders. It's not perfect, but it's good.

This listing is for a prop replica from the academy award winning film Blade Runner: 2049. The item is Luv's switchblade that she uses to finish off Lieutenant Joshi. "You tiny thing."

This is not a real switchblade, but a prop replica. It is 3D printed and finished with steel screws, resin coated and a 5 part metallic paint process that is professionally applied and screen matched to the film. The glasses and earrings are coming later and the memory orb is currently in production.

The blade folds in and is not spring activated. We only have one of the prototypes available at the moment as seen in the photos. This listing is for the switchblade knife replica only, all other items: Luv's blaster, glasses, and space case are NOT included and only used for visual effect.

The Etsy Listing is here.