Gaff Blade Runner Collection

Our etsy shop is on hiatus for the past month because our creative team are working on a film making props and some special effects. The film has an NDA so we really can't say much about it. We will re-open this fall and we will make an announcement when we do. Thanks for your patience.

Prototype reproduction

In between time working on the film we are always working on Blade Runner props. So here's something we started a while ago and finally all of the pieces are coming together. We are hoping to add this to our collection of over 50 items in our etsy shop when we re-open.

We are attempting to duplicate Gaff's cane and hat combo. It's been a challenge trying to match 30 year old pieces used in this film. Always a subject of much debate for many years, the original has been found but we are making a replica due to costs of the original piece. After months of refinement, we are getting close, the image above is merely a prototype of what we are working on and may vary from the final piece. Gaff wore several hats during the film, but this is the one we are trying to duplicate.

The cane is being fabricated out of metal and pignut hickory hardwood. The hat is a diamond crown stingy brim straw fedora hat. It is next to impossible to find unused (new old stock) fabric for the hat band from this era, even if we could match the hat band to the designer. The fabric for the hat band must be hand dyed, sewn and screen matched. 

Who knows, if we're lucky we might event throw in the bow tie for a complete Gaff Collection.