Blade Runner; Tyrell's Replicant Owl Replica

Rachael: Do you like our owl?
Deckard: It's artificial?
Rachael: Of course it is.
Deckard: Must be expensive.
Rachael: Very.
Rachael: I'm Rachael.
Deckard: Deckard.
Rachael: It seems you feel our work is not a benefit to the public.
Deckard: Replicants are like any other machine - they're either a benefit or a hazard. If they're a benefit, it's not my problem.

Finally, we finished this one. We originally were planning a short run of these guys, but the entire process is very time consuming. Anyone that has ever done needle felted wool or an application of feathers knows this to be true. This I our prototype, and we may someday do a small run of these, but this one is it for now. We'll be launching this on our Etsy shop tomorrow.

This is a one of a kind prop replica from the academy award winning film Blade Runner 1982. This listing is for a replica of Tyrell’s Replicant owl with stand.

This marvelous Tyrell’s replicant owl has been meticulously recreated to resemble the Great Horned Owl. This is not a real owl; it is all hand made from a variety of materials. The main body is closed cell foam, magic sculpt was used for beak and claws.

Look at the last few images in this listing to see screen shots from the movie. If you are a Blade Runner fan, you will need this piece for your collection.

It also has custom made glass eyes, needle felted wool feet. Feathers are a real mix from about 7 species. It comes with the solid oak base with a hardwood stand, that is custom painted to look like brass. Brass plaque included. No animal was harmed in the making of this owl.

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Disclaimer: Every piece is handmade and will therefore have variations in shape and size; we do our best to match every single item to an original prototype and we maintain strict quality control so every single item has the highest possible quality. We also do our best to take accurate photos, but actual colors may vary slightly due to different screen settings. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you

This is our prototype, and we may someday do a small run of these, but this one is it for now. We'll be launching this in our Etsy shop.