Wallace Memory Bearing with light up display UPDATED!

This is the third generation prototype of the Wallace memory bearing and display holder. You can see the older versions down below. We were content with the design of the last prototype until we went to dial in the electronics and due to the pandemic, our supply chain was cut. This forced us to rethink the entire design possibilities.

The base is a touch button led lighted base that runs on 3 AAA batteries or USB power. There are multi-color settings but white is the most accurate for this display. The cord is included. It is an epoxy resin coat over plastic with a five-part enamel paint process and satin clear coat which is slightly hand weathered to resemble what we see on-screen.

There are 3 labels with one side free of any labels in case you want to display this without anything on one side. The Wallace corp. label is custom acid etched metal. Each memory bearing is handmade, one of a kind, solid glass.

There will be a limited run of these in our etsy shop when we reopen. As you know we periodically close the shop to work on film and TV effects projects. This is our bread and butter work, but BR remains our passion.

Older prototypes below.

We have been working on the memory bearings and their holders for over a year now. This was our initial design, and these are our second generation prototypes that we have produced.

Unfortunately after the 5 pieces we've made, our supply line was cut do to the pandemic. Now, we've gone back to the drawing board and are working on an updated model with the electronics that we can source locally.

We may still sell these as limited editions with only 5 pieces made.

We really wanted to design the aesthetic to have a chunky design quality. It still had to be slick to fit int with the films tech, but not too sleek.

Check back for updates.