Blade Runner, Chew's Genetic Replicant Eye Laboratory Display


We've been working on a few different prototypes of Chew's genetic replicant eye laboratory. These are limited edition prop replicas from the award winning Blade Runner film, 1982. There are three different sized, white, clay pipes with colored tips and a rare wild Galliformes feather which can be seen in Hannibal Chew's genetic replicant eye laboratory. They are faithfully reproduced, and can be used to smoke tobacco. They have never been smoked out of which is why the interior of the bowl is still white, but you can change that if you like. Also included, are 9 different colored test tubes, and a genetic lab test tube holder, and finally Chew's business card. All are custom painted to look frosted and cold except for the business card. 

These pipes are cast in white earthenware with a non-glazed finish, only the tip is glazed on two of them one in red. The feather is a wild Galliformes feather and will vary in size and shape.

There are 15 items total in this listing; 3 pipes of different size, 1 wild Galliformes feather, and 1 of Chew's business cards, 9 color coded test tubes, and test tube holder. All other items in the photos are "NOT" included and only used for visual purposes only. The rack dimensions are 10 inches in length x 5 inches wide x 3 inches high. With the feather the way we have it displayed, is 12 inches high.

Clay smoking pipes were first used in Britain in the 16th century following the importation of tobacco from the Americas. Early pipes tend to have small bowls as tobacco was relatively expensive at the period. Stems have a larger diameter than with Victorian clay pipes. They used white clay for it's purity and taste so the smoke would not have any additional flavors.


Every piece is handmade and will therefore have variations in shape and size; we do our best to match every single item to an original prototype and we maintain strict quality control standards, so every single item has the highest possible quality. We also do our best to take accurate photos, but actual colors may vary slightly due to different screen settings. If you have any questions please let us know. Thank you